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30-Apr-2020 08:59:25   |   Kaisa Oksanen

Webinars and how to go about them

Webinars and online events can never replace physical encounters, even though there are cost-effective facts and purposes that back them up. When traditional, face-to-face events are banned, it becomes a necessity to find new ways of bringing people together. The best-case scenario is that we find completely new event concepts as a result of these alternative implementations. A fast and simple alternative to a traditional encounter is to move the event online. 

Subject tag: Webinar, Online Event

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18-Mar-2020 08:51:57   |   Petri Hollmén

Cancelling events – things to consider and tips about communications

If you need to cancel an event, here is a short checklist of things to consider and tips how to effectively communicate the changes to your participants.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Management

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28-Jun-2019 10:00:00   |   Lyyti

Vaaka Partners to support Lyyti's international growth plan

Press Release | 28 June 2019, 10.00am

Finland-based event management software company Lyyti has set a target to achieve significant market share in Europe. Private equity investor Vaaka Partners made an investment in Lyyti and became the majority shareholder to support the company’s growth plan.

Subject tag: Global, Current news

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15-May-2019 14:18:27   |   Linda Lönnqvist

How to manage events like content marketing - 5 important points

When you hear the words marketing content, you might think of a web page, an e-book, a whitepaper or a blog post. Maybe even something printed. An event isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but it's irrefutably true: events are content. There's good reason why events aren't usually associated with modern day digital content marketing: Events are famously difficult to report and measure, hence hard to manage from a data-driven standpoint and because of all this, hopelessly siloed away from the other marketing efforts and channels.

Subject tag: Event Management

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05-Mar-2019 11:24:29   |   Linda Lönnqvist

The Complete Event Management Software Buyer's Guide

Purchasing a solution or software for your business purposes is always an important moment. And the research process that leads up to a decision is always time-consuming and arduous. This is absolutely true when it comes to event management solutions, which can be simple ticketing tools, questionnaire-like registration systems or super-complex event data management solutions, and anything in between.

Subject tag: Event Management

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28-Feb-2019 11:33:56   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

Bringing events into the digital age with integrated marketing

Data has become an important ingredient in all marketing operations and provides companies with a way to measure the success of their campaigns and justify their ever-growing marketing budgets. Marketing is increasingly less about creative work and more about using analytics to optimize and target campaigns.

Subject tag: Integrations

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13-Feb-2019 16:10:42   |   Linda Lönnqvist

Lyyti joins HubSpot's Connect Program with event management integration

In case you didn't know: HubSpot is the fastest growing marketing automation platform in the world. Lyyti is the second ever event management system to join HubSpot’s Connect Program.

Subject tag: Integrations

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08-Feb-2019 10:40:00   |   Linda Lönnqvist

How to create a great event invitation - 5 easy steps

The sole purpose of an event invitation is to get potential participants to register and show up for the event. What does a good invitation look like?

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management, Event Attendance

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25-Jan-2019 12:26:00   |   Dean Ronnie

Conference Care: The Best and Worst Things About Working in Events

When working in any industry, there are going to be good and bad points. It’s a given that you will have to take the rough with the smooth, and events is no exception to the rule.

Subject tag: Event Management

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06-Nov-2018 16:30:38   |   Lyyti

Lyyti enters the Dutch market

The event management software company Lyyti, from the Finnish city of Turku, continues expanding abroad. From the beginning of October 2018 Lyyti has been active in the Netherlands.

Subject tag: Current news

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