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Antti Vaahtoranta

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29-May-2020 08:45:28   |   Antti Vaahtoranta

Let your event goals determine your marketing tools

As the toolbox for marketeers is expanding rapidly, the choices regarding participant data storage become more and more important. What should be the master database for participant data? Which tools should be used for different types of event communication? This blog presents how you can make smart decisions in terms of marketing tools, by defining how your events are positioned in your customer journey. 

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Communication, Event Management

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17-Oct-2017 17:18:46   |   Antti Vaahtoranta

How will the GDPR affect your daily grind?

What's a GDPR? Is it edible? A new app? At this point you may have already heard that GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and that it will be fully enforced from May 25th 2018 onward. How will this affect your life or work? Are you prepared, or do you need to bother at all?

Subject tag: Current news, GDPR

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