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Anna Kauppila


16-Oct-2020 06:00:00   |   Anna Kauppila

How to measure event success

Everyone who works with events can recognise the frustration of not being able to measure and prove their success accurately. Sure, we've all heard of event ROI, and it's common for many companies to use this metric to calculate what the organiser has received in return for their event. Still, there's no standardised way of measuring ROI, and this metric only answers half of the question. To this day, the common assumption is that every event is unique, and thus there can be no common nominator for measuring event success. In this blog post, we discuss the factors that affect event measurability and offer an entirely new perspective on the topic.

Subject tag: Event ROI, Event Surveys and Feedback, Topical

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25-Aug-2020 16:38:46   |   Anna Kauppila

Equality in online services – accessibility concerns everyone

The Internet is an essential way to get information, no matter who you are. Digital accessibility ensures everyone the possibility to search for information and use services, including people with various disabilities, such as visual, hearing or motor impairments. In this post, we share information on the main principles of accessibility and how we ensure accessibility in Lyyti.

Subject tag: Topical, Accessibility

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05-Jun-2020 07:52:58   |   Anna Kauppila

The new normal of event marketing

In many companies events are still an important part of the marketing strategy, in spite of the fact that the current situation has demanded swift decisions and flexible adjustments. It’s still hard to predict the future of events or their marketing, but certain scenarios and perspectives have come to dominate when future activities are being considered. What will be the new normal of event marketing, now that we’re slowly but surely starting to step back to everyday life? 

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Online Event, Hybrid Event

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22-May-2020 12:35:26   |   Anna Kauppila

10 ways to use Lyyti

Most of us are accustomed to certain habits and routines in our daily tasks. This probably goes for the way we use Lyyti as well; certain events and their specific processes are a part of our routine and we don’t feel the need to do them in any other way. However, it can be good to pause and take a breather, in order to consider if there could be other ways to benefit from Lyyti. 

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Communication, Event Management

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