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Kaisa Oksanen

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15-Jun-2020 13:20:13   |   Kaisa Oksanen

Identify your event types

The content and set-up of every event are unique. This could be one reason why so many organisations find it challenging to understand the relevance of events in their business. There can be a distinctive goal and purpose behind every event, yet sometimes the actual follow-up of these goals and purposes is left out, thus leaving the costs as the only concrete outcome.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Communication, Event Management, Event ROI

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30-Apr-2020 08:59:25   |   Kaisa Oksanen

Webinars and how to go about them

Webinars and online events can never replace physical encounters, even though there are cost-effective facts and purposes that back them up. When traditional, face-to-face events are banned, it becomes a necessity to find new ways of bringing people together. The best-case scenario is that we find completely new event concepts as a result of these alternative implementations. A fast and simple alternative to a traditional encounter is to move the event online. 

Subject tag: Webinar, Online Event

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06-Feb-2018 12:25:31   |   Kaisa Oksanen

GDPR Q&A: 5 things every event organiser should know

How will the new EU Data Protection Regulation affect on event professional's everyday work? We put together five things that will help event managers and organisers ease their biggest GDPR pain.

Subject tag: Current news, GDPR

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20-Dec-2017 13:40:09   |   Kaisa Oksanen

Proudly presenting: LYYTI Mobile App

We have news for you! In October, Android-users got their hands on the fully renewed Lyyti Mobile App. And now we can gladly tell you that the app is also available for Apple-users.

Subject tag: Event Management, Current news

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