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Laura Pullinen


29-Jun-2018 11:14:19   |   Laura Pullinen

Seating arrangements can be a pain - luckily there's an app for that too

Throwing a big sit-down party? We bet you're not looking forward to organizing where and in what order everyone's going to sit. What's your weapon of choice, Post-it notes all over the wall or a brain-curdling spreadsheet exercise? Nevermind those - Tablerrr solves all your seating arrangement issues.

Subject tag: Lyyti Marketplace

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18-May-2018 10:53:53   |   Laura Pullinen

Stop doing the Spreadsheet Shuffle! There's an integration for that.

The Salesforce CRM system is widely used in Lyyti's home country Finland and the rest of the Nordic countries. Now it's possible to integrate Lyyti and Salesforce for an even smoother event management experience.

Subject tag: Lyyti Marketplace, Integrations

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11-May-2018 14:56:19   |   Laura Pullinen

Integrate and create much needed continuity for marketers

We're introducing some of our integration partners in this blog series. Today, we'll meet ID BBN, who are behind our system integration with Oracle's marketing cloud Eloqua.

Subject tag: Lyyti Marketplace, Integrations

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