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Tiina Kilpelänaho


28-Feb-2019 11:33:56   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

Bringing events into the digital age with integrated marketing

Data has become an important ingredient in all marketing operations and provides companies with a way to measure the success of their campaigns and justify their ever-growing marketing budgets. Marketing is increasingly less about creative work and more about using analytics to optimize and target campaigns.

Subject tag: Integrations

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22-May-2018 13:57:17   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

Soup up your event management with tracking pixels

Social media offers wonderful opportunities for marketers. News, content and events can be advertised to a global audience with reasonable effort and to a reasonable price. But organic visibility doesn't quite pack the punch it did just a couple of years ago.

Subject tag: Lyyti Marketplace, Integrations

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21-Mar-2018 16:08:45   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

The Untapped Potential of Events in Classic Content Marketing

Content marketing, the buzzword and marketing trend of the past decade, is older than one might think. The practice of gently coaxing a prospective client towards a buying decision by serving them useful and relevant content was invented long before the phrase was coined. Very, very long before.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Management

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10-Jan-2018 12:38:41   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

Event manager, this is how the GDPR will change the way you work

May 25th this year will go down in history. That's when the General Data Protection Regulation steps into full force, marking the biggest change in European data privacy legislation so far. The purpose of the GDPR is to secure the individual's right to govern and manage their own personal information, and to unify data privacy legislation that has been quite varied in different member countries.

Subject tag: GDPR

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11-Dec-2017 17:02:15   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

"The GDPR doesn't concern us"

GDPR, four small letters with a lot of weight. Currently they're causing bewilderment, curiosity and some sleepless nights at companies all over Europe. Everybody is talking about it, but not many know exactly what the practical application of the GDPR will result in.

Subject tag: Current news, GDPR

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04-Jul-2017 12:01:47   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

Events and data-driven sales success - How to get started

Everybody is talking about metrics, data mining and data-driven decision management. Everything is, or should be, measurable.

Subject tag: Event ROI, Current news

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